Display Format Issue of the Original_sql Field in SPM

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Original topic: SPM 的 Original_sql 字段显示格式问题

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Poc
[TiDB Version] 7.1
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[Resource Configuration] Go to TiDB Dashboard - Cluster Info - Hosts and take a screenshot of this page
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As shown in the figure, the SQL displayed in the Original_sql field cannot be directly copied and used, but the Bind_sql can. It is recommended to optimize this.

For example:

select count ( ? ) from `test` . `t`

should be changed to

select count(?) from `test`.`t`


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Go file an issue :grinning:

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You can submit an issue on GitHub when you have time, thanks.

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Raised the issue, please take a look, thank you.

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