[distsql.go:1375] ["table reader fetch next chunk failed"] [conn=5246922264358639729] [error="context canceled"]

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Original topic: [distsql.go:1375] [“table reader fetch next chunk failed”] [conn=5246922264358639729] [error=“context canceled”]

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There are a lot of such error logs appearing in the logs, what’s going on?

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Is this a post?

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First, check if there are any anomalies in the requests sent by the connection.

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What are the front-end performance indicators?

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No impact on the business.

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Currently, there is too little information. Isn’t this error message incomplete?
Looking at v5, there is similar content, and it feels like it should have been fixed in v6.5.1.
If you want to check it yourself, you can refer to the idea in 5.0.0 upgrade to 5.0.1-pre, report “table reader fetch next chunk failed” · Issue #24148 · pingcap/tidb (github.com).
It seems that the log should later indicate something like “Transaction is corrupted by either missing data from default CF or some part of transaction are rollback.”

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It should be a failure to read the TiKV data transmitted over the network, possibly due to occasional network issues.

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