Django 3.1.7 Model ManyToMany TiDB Database: Unable to Generate Data Tables Correctly

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Original topic: django3.1.7 model ManyToMany tidb数据库,无法正确生成数据表

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[Overview] Python 3.8.3, Django 3.1.7, ManyToMany model, TiDB database, unable to correctly generate data tables

[Application Framework and Development Adaptation Business Logic]
Django 3.1.7 model defines a many-to-many relationship table, but an error occurs during migration

[Background] Operations performed

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[Problem] Current issue encountered

[Business Impact]

[TiDB Version]

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There is no Django 3.8 version, please provide the correct version.

TiDB has developed an adapter django-tidb for Django, which currently supports Django 3.2, 4.1, and 4.2 versions.

django django-tidb install command
v4.2.x v4.2.x pip install 'django-tidb>=4.2.0,<4.3.0'
v4.1.x v4.1.x pip install 'django-tidb>=4.1.0,<4.2.0'
v3.2.x v3.2.x pip install 'django-tidb>=3.2.0,<3.3.0'
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Python 3.8.3, Django version is 3.1.7

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Can the Django version be upgraded? Django 3.1 stopped being maintained at the end of 2021. Is this a new project?

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In the short term, it’s not feasible. The project is about to be delivered, and I’m not confident about upgrading the Django version.

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What error did it report? Is it related to foreign keys? Post the error message so we can take a look. Is settings.DATABASES.ENGINE set to django.db.backends.mysql?

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It’s about to be delivered, and we just discovered the problem. QA should be held accountable, and the developers are going to get scolded. It seems we can only upgrade. A minor version upgrade shouldn’t be a big issue. Feel free to try it.

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It’s not that serious. We’ve adapted to DM, Kingbase, and Shentong databases, and now the client doesn’t want to buy them and wants to use TiDB instead. :joy:

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This information is not enough to determine the cause of the problem. It would be helpful to provide a minimal reproducible scenario, including model definition and migration steps.

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Error 1072 is a MySQL error indicating that a column does not exist. What is this column assi_id? Is it an issue with the table definition?

Temporary solution: Manually execute the DDL to skip the framework migration step.

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