DM Data Source: Upstream Password Modified

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Original topic: dm 数据源,上游密码修改了。

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How can I modify the bound data source configuration to change the upstream password “oracle”?

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  1. pause-task
  2. modify configuration
  3. resume-task
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Which command is used to modify the configuration? Could you please provide more details?

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After stopping the task, stop the data source, change the password, and then recreate the data source.

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Wouldn’t it be too drastic to recreate the data source???

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The database source does not support modifications; it can only be deleted and recreated, as long as the source name remains unchanged.

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The data source does not support modification. You can create a new data source, then change the source-id in the task configuration (GTID also needs to be changed accordingly), and restart the task with stop-task/start-task to make the task use the new data source. After that, refer to this document to delete the original source-id.

However, this operation step is obviously simpler, but it will cause the DM task to be delayed by a few minutes. It is best to execute it during off-peak hours.

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You need to stop the task and rebind it, or create a new data source and change the source-id in the task configuration file to the new one.

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Pause the task, modify the configuration, and then restart to see.

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The database source cannot be modified; it can only be deleted and recreated while keeping the data source name unchanged.

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Recreate the data source after changing the password.

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It seems that it can only be deleted and rebuilt.

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DM needs to be reconfigured.

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You can recreate a task, just remember this binlog and pos value. The task name can be the same or different.

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  1. pause-task
  2. Modify configuration
  3. resume-task
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Modify the configuration and start over.

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