DM Data Synchronization Delay

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Original topic: dm同步数据延时

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【TiDB Usage Environment】Both production and testing environments
【TiDB Version】6.5.2
【Reproduction Path】Occasional occurrence
【Encountered Issue: DM synchronizes MySQL data to TiDB. At 15:30, an insert is made in MySQL, but it is not synchronized to TiDB. At 15:32, the data in MySQL is updated, and only then is the data synchronized to the downstream TiDB.

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Check the binlog to see if the recorded time is as you mentioned. If the binlog records are the same, then check the corresponding time in the DM Grafana monitoring.

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Is auto-commit on or off?

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The upstream MySQL binlog has two entries, one insert and one update, but TiDB only has one insert, and the final result is consistent. I suspect that DM performed a merge, but the official documentation says it is disabled by default, and the configuration does not have merging enabled.

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All configurations are set according to the official website defaults.

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I haven’t encountered this situation; it’s basically corresponding to binlog.

You can look at this graph for binlog delay:

It’s in the standard section of Grafana. As for your current situation, I can’t reproduce it.

Please provide source.yaml, task.yaml, DM version, and the versions of upstream and downstream if possible (make sure to remove any passwords). We need a reproducible environment. Currently, it’s unclear where the problem lies.

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It’s not always reproducible, it happens occasionally, but it has already occurred three times online. The longest delay was an hour and a half. I’ll check the monitoring you mentioned, thanks.

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When there is latency, you can check if the latency is caused by network issues or high server load.

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Check your resource utilization in the dashboard’s monitoring section, with a focus on KV.

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It is recommended to separately check the data volume and load IO and other resources of the upstream MySQL and downstream TiDB.