Dm data synchronization: upstream MySQL data fields exceed downstream TiDB data fields

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Original topic: dm 数据同步上游MySQL数据字段多余下游tidb数据字段

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The official method works for the case where the downstream TiDB has more columns than the upstream MySQL, but when testing the case where the upstream MySQL has more columns than the downstream TiDB, it doesn’t work. How should this be handled?

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This sentence segmentation looks quite difficult… I’m impressed.

MySQL is synchronized to TiDB through DM, right?

Reference documentation:

It feels very troublesome…

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If you have more columns upstream than downstream, DM cannot synchronize. When parsing the binlog, it won’t exclude columns that don’t exist downstream, so it will definitely report an error…

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Synchronizing heterogeneous databases is already challenging, and you’re also trying to synchronize different table structures… What exactly is your requirement?

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Testing DM functionality and heterogeneous data synchronization on your own.

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I saw that the binlog-schema update command has --from-source and --from-target options, and I thought it could also exclude redundant data columns from the upstream.

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This is not easy to handle, boss, it’s a table structure issue.

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The data volume is not particularly large, and the synchronization delay requirement is not particularly high. I feel that DataX can handle it. Its logic is to configure fields and form SQL for synchronization, so the amount doesn’t matter.

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It won’t work, it will report an error, there’s no way to handle it.