DM Migration Database

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Original topic: DM迁移数据库

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To migrate a specified database instance under a certain data source in MySQL, where should the database be specified?

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The documentation has it. Just follow the definition in the documentation to operate.

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You can refer to the following link:

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  - source-id: "mysql-141"
    block-allow-list:  "ba-rule1"

    do-dbs: ["citizencard-biz","citizencarddb","citizencard-seata"]

This will do.

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Specify the source configuration file and write it clearly inside.

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The official documentation has specific migration explanations.

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You can download an official document, which is more convenient to use.

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You can configure do-dbs.
do-dbs: The whitelist of databases to be migrated, similar to replicate-do-db in MySQL.

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Just follow the official documentation step by step.