DM Synchronization Error

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Original topic: dm 同步报错

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DM synchronization error as follows
“ErrCode”: 10006,
“ErrClass”: “database”,
“ErrScope”: “not-set”,
“ErrLevel”: “high”,
“Message”: “startLocation: [position: (, 0), gtid-set: ], endLocation: [position: (mysql-bin.008821, 978480682), gtid-set: ]: execute statement failed: commit”,
“RawCause”: “Error 1062: Duplicate entry ‘141800001057044’ for key ‘index_posx_device_no’”,

handle-error cannot handle it. Is there any way to solve it?

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The DM synchronization mechanism requires the table to have at least one valid index. If the safe mode is not enabled, it will automatically enter the safe mode for a period of time when the task just starts. If you don’t know why there is an error, you can enable the safe mode. Refer to: DM 安全模式 | PingCAP 文档中心

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My version is too old and doesn’t support safe mode. Can I use handle-error to skip it?

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Manually delete downstream conflict data.