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Currently, we are using DM to synchronize MySQL data to the TiDB cluster. We now have a requirement involving two data sources, each with a MySQL table t1. However, the fields in the two tables are not completely identical. I would like to ask if there is a way to merge and synchronize some fields from these two MySQL tables into a single table in TiDB?

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Just take the union of the columns from the two upstream tables for the downstream table, and then configure the routing.

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It’s not a simple table merge. There are two databases, each with one table. The table t1 in database a has fields (a, b, c, d), and the table t1 in database b has fields (a, d, e). We need to merge these two tables and synchronize them to the table t1(a, b, d, e) in TiDB. If possible, could you provide a configuration for reference? Thank you!

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DM alone probably can’t achieve this; it doesn’t support such complex configurations. You can synchronize to the target end and then process it, or the target can directly use views.

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Currently, DM only supports table-level synchronization. For field-level synchronization, you might need to look for other tools or submit a request to the official team.

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DM is currently not supported.

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Thank you, everyone. Got it! :handshake:

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DM cannot achieve this. You can try merging the two tables into one on the MySQL side (e.g., using a trigger) and then synchronize through DM.

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Migration with Different Number of Columns Upstream and Downstream

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It’s not the same scenario. It is not supported.

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Please provide the detailed version information.

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I’m simply curious about the scenario where you need both the a and d fields from t1 and the a and d fields from t2. If it’s not directly inserting into a union table, do the two tables have duplicates?

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Why not try creating a couple of tables downstream?

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The table has many columns, and it has been vertically partitioned in MySQL.

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I tested it, and it seems that it really doesn’t work. Synchronization will check the structure of the tables.

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If you succeed, remember to write an article so we can all learn from it.

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It didn’t work. It doesn’t support it! :joy:

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I feel that DM currently doesn’t support it. The minimum level of support is table-level synchronization.

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This kind of requirement is a bit abnormal… Even if it’s merged, the business still needs to adapt.