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I currently have two DM clusters (dm-A, dm-B). I want to migrate the tasks running on dm-A to dm-B, but I don’t know how to proceed. Could the experts please recommend the steps for this operation?

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Refer to this
TiDB Data Migration Export and Import Cluster Data Source and Task Configuration | PingCAP Documentation Center

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This is just the data source and task configuration that were exported. However, when this task is re-imported into dm-B, it will pull the data from the beginning again, not incrementally.

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Indeed it is.

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You should be able to directly stop task/start task:

  1. Pause/stop the task of dm-A.
  2. Start the task of dm-B, change the mode to incremental only, and it’s best not to modify the previous task configuration, do not remove-meta.

If you are really worried, you can:

  1. Pause/stop the task of dm-A.
  2. Record the current binlog position as binlog-A.
  3. Start the task of dm-B (incremental only) and set the task to start from binlog-A.

Reference documentation: DM 任务完整配置文件介绍 | PingCAP 文档中心

meta:                                   # The starting position of binlog migration when `task-mode` is `incremental` and the downstream database's `checkpoint` does not exist; if the checkpoint exists, it will be based on the `checkpoint`. If neither the `meta` item nor the downstream database's `checkpoint` exists, the migration will start from the latest binlog position of the upstream.

If you want to be more cautious, you can move the binlog position a bit earlier and set the safe-mode-duration to a larger value.

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Later, I did it this way, but I didn’t set the safe-mode-duration. I directly took the position from dm_meta. Actually, thinking about it later, I could have just taken the binlog position from the dm-A task.

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