Dm-work retry mechanism

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After a network interruption on the source side, dm-worker loses connection and cannot pull binlog, causing the sync task to exit. Sync resumes after restarting the task.
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03:15:59 err read tcp> i/o timeout: connection was bad

03:16:57 unit process error. err read tcp> i/o timeout: connection was bad

According to the official documentation, DM has a retry mechanism, but it does not provide detailed information. From the logs, it appears that it stopped retrying after one minute. Is there any documentation that provides a detailed introduction to the retry mechanism?

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What version of TiDB are you using?

DM has a retry mechanism to handle network interruptions and other anomalies during data synchronization. In the DM configuration file, you can control the number of retries and the time interval by setting syncer.max-retry-count and syncer.retry-unit. By default, syncer.max-retry-count is 10 and syncer.retry-unit is 1 second, meaning that after a connection failure, it will retry after 1 second, up to a maximum of 10 retries.

If the connection is restored within the retry count, DM will automatically resume the synchronization task. If the retry count is exhausted, the synchronization task will exit and need to be manually restarted.

You can refer to the Synchronization Task Configuration section in the official DM documentation for more details on the retry mechanism.

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The version is too old. The new version will retry, but the old version cannot retry and needs to be restarted.
Failure and Handling Methods | PingCAP Documentation Center

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Please see this

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