DML statements are normal, but DDL statements execute very slowly

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Original topic: dml语句正常,但是DDL语句执行非常缓慢

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Suddenly, statements like creating tables and adding fields keep waiting and are not successful. Previously, there was an OOM issue. If a TiKV node was abnormal, the statement execution would return to normal after waiting for about 1 minute. However, currently, all nodes in the cluster are online, and the statement execution remains in a waiting state.
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How large is the table’s data volume?

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It’s normal to query millions of records, but it’s not possible to create a table with just one field.

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Check the error log.

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It seems to be blocked. I remember that only one DDL job can exist at the same time. It seems that there is a DDL that has always been present.

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Yes, there are still some DDL operations that haven’t been completed yet, right?

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:sweat_smile: Yes, someone made a mistake which caused a blockage. I used ADMIN CANCEL DDL JOBS to cancel it for them.

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It might be due to an unfinished transaction. You can wait and see.

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DDL can only be executed one at a time; the subsequent ones will queue up and wait until the previous one is finished.

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You can check if there is any load on the TiKV node.

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Hahaha, it was blocked. But it has already been resolved.

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