Do the following errors occur when performing DR backups and cluster start/stop because there is no internet connection?

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Original topic: 做DR备份和做集群启停都会出现以下报错,是因为没有联网吗?

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] 6.1
[Reproduction Path] The following error occurs when performing DR backup and cluster start/stop [v3@v3.5.4/retry_interceptor.go:62]

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Failed to access the PD node. Is it because the internal network is not connected, and you can’t access PD?

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It’s accessible, everything can be accessed normally. This happens occasionally.

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Network issue? Try pinging the PD address from the control machine. Is the latency severe? Are there any packet losses?

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Set up a machine for long ping.

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Grafana has network monitoring, you can take a look, and also check the PD logs.

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Network issues

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Network issue

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