Documentation Error in Migration Scenarios with More Columns Downstream

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Original topic: 下游存在更多列的迁移场景文档错误

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This should be modified to

tiup dmctl --master-addr operate-schema update -s mysql-01 task-test -d log -t message log.message.sql

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Received~ Feedback provided~

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A developer who can’t find bugs is not a good TiDBer.

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May I ask what version of dmctl you are using? In the v5.4 documentation, it is operate-schema

Starting from v6.0, the binlog-schema command was added, so from the 6.0 documentation onwards, binlog-schema related examples were introduced.

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The related PR can be seen at: sql: update statement summary doc by crazycs520 · Pull Request #14738 · pingcap/docs-cn · GitHub

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