"Documentation Error in 'TiFlash Storage-Compute Separation Architecture and S3 Support'"

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Original topic: 《TiFlash 存算分离架构与 S3 支持》文档描述有错误

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In TiFlash 存算分离架构与 S3 支持 | PingCAP 文档中心, when scaling in TiFlash nodes, the given command is tiup cluster scale-in mycuster -R tiflash:

However, when actually executing it, an error occurs because scale-in only supports -N, scaling in nodes one by one:

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It should be lowercase, or --role.

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The same error will occur. I guess it is intentionally designed this way. After all, scaling down needs to be done very cautiously. If used incorrectly, it can easily cause the cluster to become unavailable (whether it’s scaling down all tidb-servers at once or components like tiflash/tikv, the risks are much higher).

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There is indeed no -R flag in the scale-in code. I checked from release 1.0 to release 1.9 and couldn’t find it. It was probably a mistake.

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Efficiency! Additionally, I know a small tip: you can use commas with -N to select multiple nodes at once :monkey:

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So efficient, amazing teammate!

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