Does the user for Lightning have to be root?

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Original topic: lightning 用的用户必须是 root 吗?

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I created a user and granted permissions to a database, but it prompted “tidb lightning encountered error: obtain new collation enabled failed: Error 1142(42000): select command denied to user ****@‘%’ for table ‘tidb’”.

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Lightning needs to create databases, tables, and insert data. Have these permissions been granted?

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The following permissions are sufficient: TiDB Lightning Target Database Requirements | PingCAP Documentation Center

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Based on the backend mode you chose under tikv-import, tidb-logical import is essentially SQL import, so having the normal related schema permissions like select, insert, update, delete, create, and drop is sufficient. If you choose physical import (local), you will also need the relevant super permissions.

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Granting all privileges on a database

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It looks like this is missing: physical import mode mysql.tidb SELECT

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Permissions need to be set correctly.

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Sure, please provide the text you need translated.

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