Does TiCDC support full + incremental replication to Kafka?

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Original topic: Ti CDC是否支持全量+增量复制到kafka

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Is it feasible to restart incremental synchronization from 00:00 on the same day after discovering the issue in the morning, given that the cluster crashed at midnight and the CDC is used to synchronize order data to Kafka?

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It depends on whether your TiDB’s GC data at midnight still exists. If it doesn’t, you can only perform a full + incremental replication to Kafka again.

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How to perform full replication to Kafka?

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It is not supported. Setting it to 0 means starting replication from the current point in time. TiCDC is positioned as an incremental tool.

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CDC indeed does not support full data, only changes. Full data needs to be exported to the downstream database first through Dumpling or DM.

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You can obtain the latest snapshot through select and push the data in a Kafka-compatible format.

Before pushing the full data, you can start TiCDC’s incremental subscription.

However, this might lead to data duplication issues… which can be quite tricky.

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Is there a plan for TiDB CDC to support full data in the future?

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The issue can be resolved by setting tidb_gc_life_time to 24 hours with the following configuration:

  • --start-ts: Specifies the start TSO for the changefeed. The TiCDC cluster will start pulling data from this TSO. The default is the current time.
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TiCDC is an incremental synchronization tool that supports pulling data from a specific point in time.

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--start-ts: Specifies the start TSO for the changefeed. The TiCDC cluster will begin pulling data from this TSO, defaulting to the current time. As mentioned above, it depends on the GC life time of the TiDB cluster.

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If the data volume is not very large, you can generate a full amount in TiDB by exporting and then importing.

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