Does TiDB Cloud on AWS use bare metal or cloud hosts?

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Original topic: TiDB Cloud on AWS 是采用的裸机还是云主机?

| username: TiDBer_Shuai

I would like to ask whether TiDB Cloud on AWS or GCP uses cloud virtual machines or physical bare-metal machines for cluster deployment?

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Everyone is starting services on the cloud now, who would still use bare metal machines? The maintenance costs are incredibly high. It has to be an integrated cloud approach, which not only saves costs but also improves efficiency.

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So, are you using a cloud host (virtual machine)?

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Yes, I am using a virtual machine. The cost is very cheap.

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The cloud has eliminated most of it, but it has also saved development costs, maintenance costs, and improved efficiency :smiley:

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The cost of bare metal is a bit high; it should be a cloud host.

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