Does TiDB have an implementation similar to MERGE INTO?

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Original topic: tidb有没有类似MERGE INTO 的实现

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In our business, we have an operation where we insert several records into a table. If there are no records, we insert new ones; if there are existing records, we update them. This is similar to the merge support in other databases. When updating, the requirement is to add the inserted values to the original numbers and save the result.

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Use replace

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Replace deletes the original data. Here, we hope to modify the original data, for example, if the original data is 10, modify it to 10 plus 5.

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The “merge into” is Oracle’s syntax, which updates or inserts into another table based on a field match from one table, effectively combining update and insert into one statement, making the syntax relatively concise. In MySQL, there is no “merge into” syntax. The usual practice is to use two statements, insert + update, as a replacement, or use INSERT INTO … ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE, or replace for partial replacement. I also didn’t find “merge into” in the TiDB documentation, so it seems it doesn’t exist.

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I checked the information, and they all write update and insert separately, using exists to determine.

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It is estimated that it will be added later, for now, it needs to be done on the application.

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Looking forward to new features.

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Strictly speaking, this statement is not accurate. SQL syntax is written in the standard, and Oracle just introduced it a bit earlier. Other relational databases also have their own implementations.

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