Does TiDB have something similar to mysqldump that I can use for exporting?

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Original topic: tidb有没有类似于mysqldump 这个 这个我是可以导出的

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Is there a corresponding built-in SQL export for importing SQL?
Similar to mysqldump, which I can use for exporting.

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Use dumpling to export TiDB.

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TiDB created its own dumpling based on mydumper.

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select into outfile

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The files exported by TiDB Dumpling are multiple and can only be imported using Lightning. Unlike mysqldump, which exports a single SQL file that can be imported using the source command.

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The format exported this way has a bit of a problem.
I used this to export to CSV:
mysql -h$sql_host -P $sql_port -u $sql_user -p"${sql_passwd}" -D database -e “source $sql_sq1” --default-character-set=utf8 | sed ‘s/\t/“,”/g;s/^/“/g;s/$/”/g’ >/data/xxxxx.csv

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SELECT * FROM t1 INTO OUTFILE '/tmp/t1.csv'
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Dumpling tool

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The name of the dumpling tool is almost the same as mysqldump.

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:+1: :+1: :+1: Learned something new, I didn’t know it could be done this way.

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This command can be executed.

But remember that it exports data to the machine where the TiDB server is located, not to the directory on the client machine.

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Dumpling can achieve it.

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Use dumpling to export

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SELECT OUTFILE can also be used.

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Dumpling吧 → Dumpling吧

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It seems that the majority choose to use Dumpling.

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Actually, I only need mysqldump.

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