Does TiDB plan to support subpartitioned tables?

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Original topic: tidb 是否计划支持二级分区表

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Currently, TiDB only supports single-level partitioning, but the parser defines keywords related to subpartitioning. When is subpartition support planned?

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Compatibility with MySQL subpartition functionality.

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MySQL customers can smoothly migrate to TiDB.

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You can look forward to it; there might be a chance to add it in versions after 7.5~

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Compatible starting from 7.4

You can consider versions after v7.5.0~

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Is there an estimated timeline for supporting subpartitions? We are currently selecting a distributed database and are considering migrating from OB to TiDB, but we have a strong requirement for subpartitions.

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You can keep an eye on the versions after 7.5, but there is no timeline yet. Today, version 7.1.2 is released, so you can install version 7.1.2 first and then upgrade to version 7.5 and later versions when they become available.

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There is no specific time yet. This feature will be considered after 7.5. It is currently under workload evaluation… You can look forward to the end of the year.

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Got it, thanks. Also, I noticed that many people have a strong demand for global secondary indexes on partitioned tables. Is there a timeline for this?

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