Does TiKV have something similar to binlog to record the order of commits?

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Original topic: 请问TiKV有没有类似于binlog的东西记录commit的顺序?

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Dear experts, does TiKV have something similar to binlog that records the order of commits?
When writing online business for billing, I found that two different processes A and B might simultaneously trigger: TxnGet(K) → TxnDel(K) operations. The size field is recorded in V, but in reality, only one of A or B might actually delete (the other deletes a non-existent K and also returns a successful deletion), but the final deleted size is counted twice. Adding locks at the upper level would cause performance issues, so I want to know if there is any way to get the execution order of commits, or if it is possible to get the affected rows of TxnDel?

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It does not support strict serializability for transactions, so the order cannot be guaranteed.

There is no constraint on ACID semantics either.

For the commit order, according to your requirements, only a message queue can meet them. :sunflower::sunflower:

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Your requirement can be met by setting the transaction isolation level to SERIALIZABLE, but this will significantly degrade database performance, and TiDB does not support it :crazy_face:
Otherwise, you can use a message queue as suggested above.

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To ensure order, the message queue must be single-threaded, otherwise, there will still be issues.
I feel this is a business problem that needs to consider idempotency. Refer to this?