Does TiKV support expanding capacity by adding new disks and copying original data?

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Original topic: tikv支持挂新盘拷贝原数据的方式来扩容吗

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Currently, the disk on the TiKV node was originally partitioned using MBR, and the content of /etc/fstab is as follows:
/dev/vdd1 /data ext4 defaults 0 0

Now, I don’t want to expand new nodes, but want to mount a new bare disk, then use sync to copy to /data_new, and find a time in the early morning to shut down the cluster, then mount the new disk to the original /data directory.

Is this plan feasible? Is there a faster way to copy other than rsync?

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Regarding machine maintenance time, I estimate it should be relatively easy.
There shouldn’t be any major issues.

But how did your disk setup pass the installation check?

UUID=c51eb23b-195c-4061-92a9-3fad812cc12f /data1 ext4 defaults,nodelalloc,noatime 0 2

The bold part is what needs to be added to the fstab file before installation. Otherwise, it won’t pass the installation check.

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:thinking: Isn’t scaling up attractive? Personally, I think scaling up and down is forever the best.

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I also don’t know how it passed the check before. This cluster was left to me by the previous expert.

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