Does tiup allow simultaneous management of multiple clusters?

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Original topic: tiup是否允许同时运维多套集群

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Currently, multiple TiDB clusters have been deployed, but each cluster has its own independent TiUP node, and each TiUP requires external network access permissions. From the perspective of resource utilization and security, is it possible to use a single TiUP to maintain multiple TiDB clusters simultaneously?

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No problem, otherwise you wouldn’t need to include the cluster name when using tiup cluster. External access permissions can be disabled, and offline deployment can be used, but be sure to back up tiup properly.

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Of course, it is possible. You just need the machine where tiup is located to be able to access the other machines in the TiDB cluster.

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Supporting multiple operations and maintenance is possible as long as they are all deployed using the same tiup.

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I remember it is possible. As long as the machine with the tiup tool is network-connected with all the cluster machines, it should work. You can give it a try.

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