[Download Resources] Sharing Notes That Helped Me Pass v6 PCTA, PCTP, PCSD

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Original topic: 【资料下载】分享助我考过了v6 PCTA、PCTP、PCSD的笔记资料

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There are already many experts in the community with excellent certification experience, and you can directly search for references.

My certification review experience is one way, and those interested can check it out: 专栏 - 【v6 认证】PCTA/PCTP/PCSD 我的备考经验 | TiDB 社区

In a nutshell, the most important review content for the exam:

  • Course videos corresponding to the exam
  • Official documentation for the corresponding knowledge points

Here are some of the most important review materials I think are worth sharing with everyone. Good luck with your exams:
PCTA Course Exercises.docx (4.8 MB)
TiDB Backup and Restore.pdf (155.9 KB)
TiDB Data Synchronization and Replication.pdf (184.4 KB)
TiDB Data Migration.pdf (141.2 KB)
PCTP Course Exercises.docx (1.7 MB)
PCSD Notes.docx (69.6 KB)

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