Drainer does not advance TSO from the specified TSO timestamp during synchronization

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Original topic: drainer同步tso不从指定的tso时间点推进

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After the full data initialization is completed, incremental data is received. According to the TSO exported by Dumpling, the drainer initial TSO is executed. It is found that the TSO in the checkpoint table is smaller than the initialized TSO. The TSO exported by Dumpling:

Configuration file:

Started drainer and found that the log has a TSO flush:

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If there is a checkpoint table synchronized by the downstream drainer, the checkpoint in this table will have a higher priority than the tso in the drainer startup script.

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Specifies the transaction commit timestamp (commit ts) from which to start synchronization. This configuration is only applicable to Drainer nodes that are starting synchronization for the first time. If a checkpoint already exists downstream, synchronization will proceed based on the timestamp recorded in the checkpoint.
Priority is given to reading tso from the checkpoint table of the replica.

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Another drainer was started, and the downstream checkpoint table was also newly created without the same name.

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Today, a separate drainer was added, and the checkpoint table downstream is newly created without the same name.