Dumping failed message: stop fetching the pending TSO requests due to context canceled

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Original topic: dumping 失败提示:stop fetching the pending tso requests due to context canceled

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The default value of tidb_gc_life_time is 10m, which means that data older than 10 minutes will be cleaned up. You can adjust this parameter according to your needs.

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It’s a strange error. It didn’t work last night, but it works this morning. Does anyone know what’s going on?

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Literal meaning: Due to context cancellation, stop fetching pending TSO requests.
Did you perform a cancel operation, or was there a network interruption?

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Did you manually cancel it?

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This log appearing is not an issue, it later shows “dump data successfully, dumpling will exit now.” This part is [info].

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The previous logs are INFO, so this backup should have been successful, right?

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Manually canceled? Or was it interrupted for other reasons?

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After the backup is completed, start the GC safepoint through PD (the GC safepoint is stopped during the backup). This ERROR caused by context cancel after the backup is completed will be optimized in subsequent versions in terms of related logs and logic.

For more details on the bug, please see: br: Backup succeeded but there some PD ERROR log (context cancel) show in log file. · Issue #31335 · pingcap/tidb · GitHub

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This does not affect the backup. You can see that the backup should have been successful in the end.

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Your backup was successful, no issues.

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What is the last message after the backup is completed?

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Was there a network anomaly when connecting to PD within the cluster at that time?

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The info level generally does not need attention. Did the backup fail?

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Backup successful.