Encountering Error 8141 When Deleting Data in TiDB

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Original topic: Tidb删除数据遇到8141问题

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When deleting data, I encountered the 8141 issue. The delete statement is as follows:
delete from t_en where eid=‘12334adfasfd’ and id=‘adfadfsere34132’, TiDB returned the result

The official explanation for the 8141 issue is as follows:

However, I am a bit confused by this explanation. Since I am deleting data, shouldn’t the delete operation be executed regardless of whether the data exists or not?

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I understand that this error is caused by data and index inconsistency. First, use ADMIN CHECK TABLE to check. If the index is inconsistent, rebuild the index and then continue deleting the data.

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How do you operate the ADMIN CHECK TABLE?

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It feels like a way of handling MVCC.

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ADMIN CHECK [TABLE|INDEX] | PingCAP Documentation Center

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You can use the check table command or other tools to check if the data is consistent.

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I encountered the same issue and don’t know how to solve it. Is it a bug?

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What is configured for the transaction isolation level?

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This bug has been around for a long time.

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These are all known issues. First, fix the index data. Once consistent, proceed with the deletion.

Another way is to delete the index first… :see_no_evil:

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Deleting an index: First, find the data through the index, and then proceed with the deletion. It’s not just about the deletion, right?

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Index deletion and reconstruction

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Try deleting the index first.

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Have you confirmed that it is an issue of inconsistency between the index and the data?

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Same question, when will it be triggered?
Dropping an index is a dangerous operation. What should be done if admin check table cannot resolve it?

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I feel that TiDB has quite a few bugs and often reports some inexplicable issues. Instead of frequently updating versions, it would be better to reduce the frequency and try to minimize bugs.

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Known issue: index and data inconsistency. It is recommended to first add a composite index (including the problematic column index) to ensure the continuity of your business. Then delete the problematic index and rebuild it. If the issue persists, consider upgrading to fix the bug.

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This feels like the correct solution.