[Ended] Dongxu's Hackathon Brainstorming Live Room Limited Time Operation: Explore Various Uses of TiDB Serverless

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Original topic: 【已结束】东旭的 Hackathon 脑暴直播间限时营业,听听 TiDB Serverless 的多种玩法

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If you haven’t participated in a Hackathon, you definitely haven’t experienced the joy of creative coding! For this TiDB hackathon, as long as you know SQL, you can basically participate! If you don’t have an idea, no worries, we’ve got you covered: This Friday an inspiration brainstorming session is coming up. If you’re struggling to come up with a good idea, come listen to Dongxu’s tips, and you might become the best practitioner of a cool idea!

Introduction to this hackathon: 【已结束】TiDB 首届全球黑客马拉松TiDB Future App Hackathon 2023,开发者的狂欢夏日盛会!快来一起 Coding 吧! - TiDB 的问答社区

Special Guest: Ed Huang

PingCAP CTO and Hackathon Final Judge

Dongxu will share his exciting ideas with everyone and provide key tips from a judge’s perspective. Learn how to make your project stand out!

:hammer_and_pick: Essential Tool: In this idea pool, we will also introduce the must-have tool for the Hackathon—TiDB Serverless, to help you navigate the hackathon with ease.

Don’t miss this event to ignite your creative inspiration, click the link below to register now!

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Date & Time

:spiral_calendar: Event Date: June 16 (This Friday)

:alarm_clock: Event Time: 9 AM - 10 AM


  1. Introduction to TiDB Future App Hackathon timeline and rewards (5 minutes)

  2. Introduction to the must-use tool for the Hackathon - TiDB Serverless (10 minutes)

  3. Dongxu’s brainstorming chat session (30 minutes, likely to extend depending on audience enthusiasm) :yum:

Language: English (Since it’s a global online brainstorming session, to facilitate smooth communication among developers worldwide, please note to speak in English~)

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Is TiDB Serverless charged based on the number of calls?

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You can watch the replay of the inspiration brainstorming meeting that was missed in the morning here: https://www.youtube.com/live/eZt7-Cz3Zs4

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5 GB free

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GOAT (Greatest of All Time)~