[Ended] Let's talk about the selection of distributed databases and hear from retail industry veterans about their thoughts and practices on migrating from MySQL to TiDB! Also, TiDB 7.5 LTS high-performance batch processing solutions

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Original topic: 【已结束】一起来聊聊分布式数据库的选型,听听零售行业老法师们选择从 MySQL 迁移到 TiDB 的思考和实践!还有 TiDB 7.5 LTS 高性能批处理方案

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Happy New Year to all community members! :hugs: Wishing everyone peace, health, and success in the new year!

As the new year begins, the TiDB Community City Station technical exchange events will also embark on a new journey. In this brand new year, we hope to have more face-to-face exchanges with community members, discuss your expectations for TiDB, talk about the challenges and solutions you encountered during usage. This year, we will also invite more TiDB original factory R&D members to join community activities, to discuss needs or respond to “complaints” in real-time. We also hope to use the city station’s technical exchange events to have a meal and chat with community members we haven’t seen in a long time! :sparkling_heart:

March 9, Shenzhen Station, let’s meet!

This event is organized by Mr. Li Wenjie, the organizer of the TiDB Community in South China. We have also invited TiDB users from South China to discuss application practices in retail, internet marketing services, and overseas scenarios, focusing on the selection and migration from MySQL to TiDB. We will also introduce the new features and solutions of TiDB v7.0 and above.

  • Time: March 9 (Saturday) 14:00-18:00

  • Location: Shenzhen Bao’an District Yifang Center Building B, 7th Floor

  • Format: Offline sharing + Online live broadcast

Topics Preview:

Topic: Interpretation and Application Exploration of TiDB 7.5 Resource Control Features
Speaker: Li Wenjie, TiDB Community Moderator, South China Organizer

Topic Introduction:
Sharing the multi-tenant related features of the latest TiDB v7.5 LTS version and exploring its application value. 1. Multi-tenant architecture based on TiDB 2. Resource control and new feature exploration 3. Summary and outlook.

Speaker Introduction:
An open-source community enthusiast, also a TiDB community moderator and organizer in South China. Hopes to use the platform provided by the community to exchange experiences and share knowledge with community members. Also hopes to contribute to the further activation and high-quality development of the community through sharing technical articles, exchanging experiences, and sharing knowledge.

Topic: From Multiple MySQL Instances to One TiDB - Application Practice of Junbo Network Comprehensive Operation Management Platform
Speaker: Tang Fan, System Architect at Guangzhou Junbo Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Topic Introduction:
Sharing the experience of fully migrating a long-running system to TiDB. Including the process of choosing TiDB; the migration process; some issues encountered during migration, and the benefits brought by the migration.

Speaker Introduction:
Over 10 years of full-stack development experience in mobile internet, proficient in big data platform architecture design, front-end and back-end service architecture design, front-end and back-end application development, big data governance, etc. Led the team to develop a high-concurrency data synchronization platform, a massive data collection platform, a high-concurrency service scheduling system, and the implementation of data governance within the organization. Held positions such as R&D engineer, head of the big data platform development department, and system architect.

Topic: Database Selection for Retail ToC Systems
Speaker: Cui Wentao, Architect at Yunsheng Haihong

Topic Introduction:
Sharing Yunsheng Haihong’s thoughts on database selection. 1: Issues encountered using MyCat + MySQL for business systems 2: Concerns and verification methods for migrating the system database from MyCat + MySQL to TiDB 3: Effects after migration.

Speaker Introduction:
ToC system architect at Yunsheng Haihong, researching technical directions such as microservice architecture, commonly used middleware, and cloud-native.

Topic: Selection and Practice of NewSQL Distributed Databases
Speaker: Su Chenghui, Database/Middleware Leader at Quwan Technology

Topic Introduction:
Sharing Quwan’s product selection and some practices of TiDB in introducing NewSQL. 1: Four standards considered for selecting a distributed database 2: Advantages of TiDB 3: Issues encountered using TiDB.

Speaker Introduction:
Database expert at Quwan Technology, mainly responsible for the stability and platform construction of databases and middleware.

Topic: High-Performance Batch Processing Solutions for TiDB 7.5 LTS
Speaker: Tang Bowen, Pre-sales Consultant at PingCAP

Topic Introduction:
Sharing some common batch processing scenarios encountered while serving customers and some optimization solutions, discussing more solutions based on actual tests. Users will learn 1. How BATCH DML benefits single-table batch processing scenarios; 2. High-performance import solutions with IMPORT INTO; 3. Other implementation methods for data export scenarios.

Speaker Introduction:
Former Oracle DBA, EBS R12 DBA, MySQL DBA, currently a pre-sales consultant at PingCAP. As a pre-sales expert for TiDB distributed databases, dedicated to helping customers solve database challenges, providing suitable solutions to achieve demand response, efficiency improvement, and cost reduction in hardware and manpower. Outside of work, enjoys food and nature. Welcome to exchange ideas.

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