[Ended] On February 25th, join Shanghai partners to discuss the future development trends of databases and hear about TiDB's product development roadmap!

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Original topic: 【已结束】2月25日,和上海小伙伴们共同探讨数据库未来的发展趋势,以及听听 TiDB 的产品发展路线!

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“Do we really need a DBA?”, “Is cloud database a waste of money?”, “Future trends in database development”

Recently, many hot articles have been circulating and shared in WeChat Moments, sparking heated discussions with their clickbait titles. Seeing many friends express their opinions has given our Shanghai organizer, Mr. Xue Xiaogang @xuexiaogang, a great idea: why not organize a meetup to hear what local friends in Shanghai think about these issues? On this basis, we have invited TiDB community moderator and DBA from Zhongou Wealth, Mr. Zhang Zhengjun @HHHHHHULK, and our old friend from the community, Mr. Wang Tianyi @懂的都懂, a solution architect from SelectDB, to talk about the evolution of the database ecosystem from past to future and the path of TiDB architecture evolution in line with industry cycles. Additionally, Mr. Zhang Canyu, Outbound PM from PingCAP, will share the TiDB Roadmap. We hope to take this opportunity to discuss the exciting development of TiDB integrating with Serverless and AI.

Event Information:

  • Date: February 25 (Saturday) 14:00-17:30
  • Location: PingCAP office, 16th floor, Building C, Bund SOHO, Huangpu District, Shanghai
  • Event registration link: TiDB Meetup@Shanghai - PingCAP Form

Event Agenda:

Not only “informative” but also “fun”

1280X1280 (1)

This event is not only for local community friends in Shanghai or those interested in TiDB to hear some practical experiences from local users offline, but we also hope that everyone attending can feel the fun of community activities.

After discussions with the organizers, the following elements will be incorporated into this Shanghai event:

  • Enjoyable jazz/R&B music ♪♫♬♭♯∮♬
  • Fun ring toss game (participants who attend and actively participate in the Q&A can play the ring toss on-site)

Ps: We have prepared mugs, thermos cups, keycaps, power banks, and other peripherals on-site, waiting for you to play~

Ring Toss Illustration

Share and Win:

Feel free to bring your friends to the event, chat about development with local friends in Shanghai, and meet up for a chat~

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Ps: 2023 new peripherals are already in the proofing stage, hurry up and earn points~

Agenda Poster:

Conference Materials Download:

Xue Xiaogang - Overcoming Development Challenges in Database Management.pdf (2.5 MB)

Doris - From TP to AP: Evolution of Data Ecosystem.pdf (3.2 MB)

Zhang Zhengjun - The Path of Database Architecture Evolution in Line with Industry Cycles.pdf (2.4 MB)

TiDB - Future Database (Roadmap).pdf (5.3 MB)

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