[Ended] Online English Event | TiDB x Zilliz: Listen to Dongxu Discuss Why TiDB Serverless Meets All Your Vector Database Needs

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Original topic: 【已结束】英文线上活动 | TiDB x zilliz,来听东旭聊聊 TiDB Serverless 为何满足你对向量数据库的所有需求

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Event Details

How to Improve Data Processing Efficiency for AI Applications! In this online sharing session, we have invited James Luan, Partner and VP of R&D at Zilliz, to join the online live room and chat with Dongxu about how to improve the performance of AI applications through database infrastructure!

Event Highlights

  • Experts from TiDB and Milvus will share their insights on distributed databases and specialized vector databases.
  • Explore how to use these tools to simplify your AI application development process, from development to deployment, seamlessly.
  • Learn how to manage data flexibly according to different data volumes, supporting your project to scale seamlessly as demand grows.
  • Discover how to maintain cost-effectiveness while innovating, driving sustainable development.

Event Agenda

  • Opening (Kalyan Tummala, Product Marketing, PingCAP)
  • How Milvus Simplifies AI-Driven Search Development (James Luan, Partner and VP of Engineering, Zilliz)
  • TiDB Serverless: The Vector Database Solution You Need (Ed Huang, Co-founder and CTO, PingCAP)
  • Roundtable Discussion: CTOs Guide You Through Vector Databases
  • Q&A Session

Event Registration

  • This is an English sharing session. Interested friends can register through the following ZOOM link. After registration, you will receive the video playback link as soon as possible after the event~

  • Online live time: Beijing time June 13th 00:00-1:30 AM

One-click registration: Webinar Registration - Zoom

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About Vector Search with TiDB: The Most Advanced MySQL Vector Solution Private Beta.
TiDB Serverless is introducing a built-in vector search to the MySQL landscape, so you can build AI applications confidently with SQL you already know well.

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I hope there are synchronized Chinese subtitles, haha.

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Vector databases are not a new concept, but due to the development of large models, vector databases can connect well with LLMs to build knowledge bases, etc.