Error "commit forced to quit" when executing load data

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Original topic: load data 执行时报错 err=“commit forced to quit”

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Using the load data statement to load a CSV file with approximately 270,000 rows.

[Encountered Issue]
Execution error, tidb.log shows err=“commit forced to quit”. The number of rows imported into the table in the database is 0.
Already checked:

  1. No restarts of any cluster components during the process, no records of statement OOM.
  2. No logs corresponding to the time in tidb_stderr.log.

Does anyone have other troubleshooting ideas?

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Why not use Lightning?

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Check the cluster monitoring for any transaction or lock conflicts.

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This situation seems to be caused by a transaction rollback due to a failure when synchronizing to the follower. You can try multiple times or execute the data split multiple times.