Error Displayed for TiKV Minimum Compatible Version When Restarting TiDB-Server

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Original topic: TiDB-Server重启时候,显示TiKV最小兼容版本有误

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When starting, the log prints "TiKV Min Version"=6.2.0-alpha, but when the TiKV version is 6.5, an error Unknown resource group 'default' occurs, which should be related to resource control. The relevant screenshot is as follows:
Startup log:

[2023/06/02 17:08:56.313 +08:00] [INFO] [printer.go:48] ["Welcome to TiDB."] ["Release Version"=v7.1.0] [Edition=Community] ["Git Commit Hash"=635a4362235e8a3c0043542e629532e3c7bb2756] ["Git Branch"=heads/refs/tags/v7.1.0] ["UTC Build Time"="2023-05-30 10:58:57"] [GoVersion=go1.20.3] ["Race Enabled"=false] ["Check Table Before Drop"=false] ["TiKV Min Version"=6.2.0-alpha]

Query error:

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I wanted to try out this statistics loading feature in advance, but when accessing TiKV 6.5 through TiDB-Server 7.1 in the test environment, I found that it doesn’t work.

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The component versions need to be compatible.

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This TiDB log output can be ignored. Version 6.5.2 now also shows: [“TiKV Min Version”=6.2.0-alpha]. The behavior in 7.1 has not changed, so you can ignore this output and continue using the 7.1 version of TiKV.

| username: dba-kit | Original post link

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