Error Encountered by Beginners When Installing a Cluster

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Original topic: 新手安装集群报错

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Test
[TiDB Version] 7.0
[Reproduction Path]
tiup cluster deploy tidb-test v7.0.0 ./topology.yaml --user root [-p] [-i /home/root/.ssh/
[Encountered Issue: Problem Phenomenon and Impact]
tiup is checking updates for component cluster …
Starting component cluster: /home/tidb/.tiup/components/cluster/v1.11.3/tiup-cluster deploy tidb-test v7.0.0 ./topology.yaml --user root [-p] [-i /home/root/.ssh/

Error: none of ssh password, identity file, SSH_AUTH_SOCK specified (tui.id_read_failed)

Currently, it’s just a single machine installation for testing.
It seems to be a configuration file issue, but I don’t know how to adjust it.

user: “tidb”
ssh_port: 22
deploy_dir: “/tidb-deploy”
data_dir: “/tidb-data”


  • host:


  • host:


  • host:


  • host:


  • host:


  • host:
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tiup cluster deploy tidb-test v7.0.0 ./topology.yaml --user root -i /home/root/.ssh/
In this way,
-i specifies the key path
-p prompts for password input

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If the root password is unified, it is recommended to use -p as it is simpler and does not require passwordless authentication.

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Didn’t enter the root password, right?

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According to the error message, no authentication method was provided. You can add the -i or -p parameter to the startup command as suggested in the first post.

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