Error encountered while compiling TiKV

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Original topic: 编译tikv的时候报错

| username: liul

When compiling, the following error is reported
, could you please advise what the issue is?

| username: liul | Original post link

There is another error

Could you please explain what these two errors mean? This is my first time compiling Rust.

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Alright, look for the corresponding package.

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Based on the error message you posted, it seems that some system dependency libraries are missing.

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The util lib package has been found, no problem there. It should be due to some other reason, still looking into it.

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The performance of TiDB is indeed very good, but it is necessary to adjust the parameters according to the actual situation to achieve the best performance.

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When I saw the first error, it was like this. Is this related to the rust installation? The rust installation was also done according to the documentation requirements.

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Install g++

| username: liul | Original post link

Yes, it shouldn’t be this issue. I don’t need to compile ck’s ld, but there are still compilation errors.

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There might be some issues with the installation of certain library versions. The machine previously compiled ClickHouse, so many things were installed, including clang and clang++, which probably caused some conflicts. I set up a new virtual machine and reinstalled everything, and now it can compile successfully.

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