Error Executing SQL with TiFlash and TiDB Engines Enabled

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Original topic: 启用tiflash、tidb引擎,执行sql报错

| username: wenyi

Globally enabling TiFlash and TiDB storage engines results in the following error when executing SQL:
ERROR 1105 (HY000): other error for mpp stream: From MPPquery:441050903959044097:4,task: Code: 0, e.displayText() = DB::Exception: write to tunnel which is already closed, Receiver cancelled, reason: Push mpp packet failed. Receiver state: CLOSED, e.what() = DB::Exception,

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Does the corresponding table have a TiFlash replica? What is the status of the TiFlash node?

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Yes, and the status is normal. The first query is very fast and returns results normally. When querying the second time, this error is reported.

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The issue was said to be resolved in the minor version 5.4, why does it still exist in version 6.5.1?

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I don’t use TiFlash…