Error in DM Synchronization

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Original topic: dm同步出错

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When testing DM MySQL data synchronization to TiDB, an error occurred. How can this be resolved?

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Paste the error message text!

It looks like some settings are not configured properly~

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Sure, please provide the text you need translated.

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This is because GTID is not enabled.

According to the error message, it encountered a duplicate key. You can check the binlog.

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The meaning of this error is:
The primary key record 1001 already exists in the table im_cost_info and cannot be inserted again.

One possibility is: the upstream truncated and deleted the data in the table, but the downstream may not have synchronized the truncate event. Therefore, when the upstream inserts the record again, this error occurs.

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Did you import it repeatedly? Conflict?

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Setting safe-mode: true will prevent primary key conflicts.

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Has it been resolved? What was the issue? I also want to avoid pitfalls.

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Run tiup dmctl resume-task taskname. Sometimes there are false positives. If you can’t resolve it, check the dm-worker log to see which table is causing the issue.

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You can temporarily skip it with the following command:
tiup dmctl binlog skip taskName -b mysql-bin000003:3270
Was data written to TiDB?

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Primary key conflict, how could it happen? Are both databases being written to?

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The issue has been resolved. The data duplication was caused by simultaneous writes from upstream and downstream. You need to evaluate this data. If you don’t want to keep it, you can simply skip it using tiup dmctl --master-addr < > skip <task_name> -b "<binlog file name:position>". If you want to keep it, handle this data first, then resume the task using resume-task.

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Yes, both sides have writes.

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Primary key conflict, both sides are writing.

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