Error in TiDB Data Backup

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Original topic: tidb备份数据错误

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[TiDB Version] v7.1.1
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Currently encountering this issue when using br to back up to Minio. Has anyone encountered something similar?
Later, this error was reported.

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Is the network not good?

Try a few more times and see.

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Tried many times, still not working.

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These are all TCP connect errors, clearly a network issue…

Check the S3 environment first.

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Your network seems to have issues, it’s unstable, right?

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Issues with S3

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There might be an issue with the S3 environment. Try copying the file directly.

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It looks like a network issue.

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You can try backing up to another network drive and test it, or backup only a few tables to see which step is causing the issue.

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