Error in TiDB Incremental Update

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Original topic: tidb增量更新报错

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panic error: table checkpoint position: (mysql-bin.003579, 507505991), gtid-set: 0-3-3410297632 less than global checkpoint location(position: (mysql-bin.003579, 507505057), gtid-set: 0-2-3410297633) (flushed location(position: (mysql-bin.003579, 507505057), gtid-set: 0-2-3410297633)),

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Can you check the data source configuration?

Whether to enable GTID

enable-gtid: false

It seems that your upstream MySQL master-slave switch occurred. The GTID changed, and DM did not set enable-gtid=true.

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The source MySQL didn’t enable GTID, right? It’s using the traditional POS, right?

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The experts’ replies are very professional.

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Is your incremental update from MySQL to TiDB? What is the synchronization tool and its version?

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New pos number, old gtid?

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You can refer to this

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I have set it in the configuration file.

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Did it not take effect after setting?

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Is GTID enabled?