Error Occurred When Expanding TiKV Using Ansible in TiDB 2.1 (Urgent, Thanks for the Help)

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Original topic: tidb2.1使用ansible扩容tikv时报错(比较着急,感谢大佬们前来解惑)

| username: cangzhiren

[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] 2.1
[Reproduction Path] Failed when using the command ansible-playbook deploy.yml -l TiKV5 for expansion
[Encountered Problem: Phenomenon and Impact]
Old machines are being decommissioned, and we plan to expand TiKV to replace the old machines. After configuring the inventory.ini file, executing ansible-playbook bootstrap.yml -l TiKV4 works fine, but executing ansible-playbook deploy.yml -l TiKV4 results in an error. The error screenshot is as follows:

[Resource Configuration]
The IP for expansion has created a tidb user with passwordless login and sudo permissions, and has configured the NTP service.
inventory.ini file

hosts.ini file

| username: ffeenn | Original post link

Please upload the log for us to take a look.

| username: cangzhiren | Original post link

Thank you for the reply. Please take a look at the log. I expanded TIKV4 and TIKV5 today, and the errors are the same.

| username: ffeenn | Original post link

There are a lot of permission issues in the logs. Check whether the control machine has permission to log in to each server.

| username: ffeenn | Original post link

I can’t view images directly. Please provide the text you need translated.

| username: cangzhiren | Original post link

Thank you very much, the problem was solved after I changed the Ansible version :heart:

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