Error Occurs Continuously When Migrating Using Lightning Tool

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Original topic: 使用Lightning工具进行迁移,一直报错

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Using the DM tool to migrate MySQL data online to TiDB
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This error keeps appearing when migrating some tables.

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Are the TiDB components deployed together? Check with tiup cluster display. What are the characteristics of the tables that have this error compared to the successful ones when migrating some tables? Also, share the configuration file used for the import.

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When checking, it was found that the sorted-kv-dir and data-source-dir in the lightning configuration file were using the same disk.

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Running Lightning cannot access PD, possibly because TiDB is using a proxy and only exposing TiDB nodes.

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It may reduce performance, but this is not a big issue.

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It seems that 2379 is not accessible.

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I don’t understand why it accesses the PD node, Dumpling also accesses it.

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Isn’t this Lightning? The local mode needs to obtain TiKV node information through PD.

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Lightning physical import must connect to PD. In your case, PD cannot be connected. Logical import only needs to connect to port 4000 but is less efficient.

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Access PD to get all TiKV nodes, then retrieve metadata information to configure the necessary format for writing SST…

If this condition is not met, it is recommended to use other methods…

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How can it be reproduced?

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