Error Opening Page on Dashboard Port 12333

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Original topic: dashboard 12333端口的页面打开报错

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The dashboard on pd’s 2379 port opens normally, but the standalone dashboard on 12333 port reports an error:

The 12020 port is actually normal.

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I am using AWS, accessing it with an external IP, and the internal configuration uses internal IPs.

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I don’t understand, port remapping?

| username: TiDBer_yangxi | Original post link

Without remapping, you can directly access the source port. I am worried that the frontend will directly call the internal network IP because I found that the hyperlink on the PD dashboard page is the internal network IP.

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Oh, I haven’t used the standalone deployment of the dashboard. You can try using curl on Linux to check if the standalone dashboard webpage is working properly.

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This is the first time I’ve heard of adding the 12333 dashboard. I’m also using 6.5.

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In the automatically generated template, there’s this thing. I thought I’d try to configure it, but it resulted in this error. I think I’ll just uninstall it.

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A brief look at the dashboard introduction, generally no need for independent deployment.
TiDB Dashboard Introduction | PingCAP Documentation Center

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No need for independent deployment, just use the one with 2379 PD!

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It looks like the dashboard configuration is missing here: tidb-dashboard/pkg/config/dynamic_config_manager.go at e44a58decdb4addf94ce540e4161cfc3f16b7555 · pingcap/tidb-dashboard · GitHub. Could you please confirm the configuration file for standalone deployment?

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Learn why independent deployment is necessary, and isn’t it troublesome to integrate with PD and others?

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Directly using 2379 and mapping it to the external network is simpler.

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