Error Reported When Starting pd-server

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Original topic: pd-server 启动报错

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Testing
[TiDB Version] 6.4.0
[Reproduction Path]

  1. Deploy a three-node environment test in the testing environment.
  2. The data directory of the third node’s pd-server was formatted and cleaned.
  3. Restart the pd-server, and the etcd service fails to start, with the following log:
  4. I tried using etcdctl member remove on the main node to remove this node and then attempted to restart to see if it could be rejoined;
  5. The third node’s pd-server shows that it cannot join the cluster after starting, with the following log:

Seeking advice from experts on how to repair the node at this point.

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Try scaling down and then scaling up this PD.

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Learn about the scale-in and scale-out commands. tiup cluster scale-in. For high availability architecture, this method is the fastest.

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You can refer to the official documentation for scaling in and out nodes:

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