Error: unknown component encountered when upgrading TiDB from 6.5 to 7.5

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Original topic: TIDB6.5升级TIDB7.5 出现 Error: unknown component 错误

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【TiDB Usage Environment】Production Environment
【TiDB Version】
【Reproduction Path】I followed the official documentation to upgrade, and encountered the following issues during the upgrade process:

Upon investigation, I found that the 7.5 package does not include the tispark component. Could you please advise on how to handle this?
Does tidb 7.5 no longer support the tispark application?

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Try not to use --force, TiSpark is released independently, and its version number is different from TiDB.

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The method of deploying TiSpark using TiUP has been deprecated.

The TiSpark package can be downloaded separately from the official software toolkit.

You can obtain the jar package in the following ways:

Get it from the Maven Central Repository by searching for the keyword "pingcap".
Get it from TiSpark releases.

For more details, you can refer to the official documentation:

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Deploy TiSpark separately

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TiSpark updates are not that fast. If you are sure you want to use it, you need to pay attention to the supported versions.

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Thank you, everyone.

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The first screenshot already says that the upgrade package for tispark was not found. Maybe you don’t need to add -force.

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Deploy TiSpark separately

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It needs to be deployed separately.

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