Error Using tiup cluster: Timeout

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Original topic: 使用tiup cluster 报错,超时

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Yesterday, I experimented with dumpling, lightning, and sync, and modified some environment variables. After the test was completed, I didn’t perform any other operations. Today, it won’t start up, showing an unknown component. I tried updating the cluster component and similar actions, but none worked. There is a snapshot that can restore it to normal, but I want to know how to solve this issue, or if a newbie made a mistake. I hope the experts can provide some guidance.
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It also says that the cluster component was not found, possibly deleted, but the files are still in the cluster path.
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Cluster Path

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Did you use the same user for testing yesterday and today? Try both the root and tidb users.

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Yes, it’s the same user who has been using TiDB all along.

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When executing the command, you are using the root user, right? Try switching to the tidb user.

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Check if the contents inside /root/.tiup/components/cluster are still there.

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I have always used the root user to execute commands.
This is my configuration file at that time.

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I just found out that the monitoring is actually working, all components are online, it’s just the cluster that’s having issues.

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For standard deployment, it should be done under the tidb user. You can try switching to the tidb user and then executing the tiup command.

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Take a look at what your tiup mirror is set to with tiup mirror show. If you can access the internet, you can set it to this:

tiup mirror set
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Execute tiup mirror merge ../tidb-community-toolkit in the server directory…

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Then check if your components are still in
If not, after setting the above mirror, you can re-download them.

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Redownload, it’s safer.

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