Error When Disabling Placement Rules

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Original topic: 关闭placement-rules报错

| username: Kongdom

[Test Environment for TiDB]
[TiDB Version] v7.1.0
[Reproduction Path]
An error occurs when executing the shutdown statement. Is it not possible to shut down when there is a TiFlash node?

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To use TiFlash nodes, placement rules must be enabled, which means that if there are TiFlash nodes, placement rules cannot be disabled.

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I didn’t see any similar explanation in the official documentation. :thinking:

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Anyway, it’s a test environment, so try everything.

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That’s right, TiFlash relies on the placement rule feature.

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It should not be able to be turned off.

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Cancel the TiFlash table and set it up after merging.

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Take a look at the relevant content in training video 302.

| username: Kongdom | Original post link

The tiflash table has been canceled, thinking of reducing the load on the test environment by scaling down the tiflash component.

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Looking forward to some replies on this. If there are any relevant constraints, let’s write a document requirement and have the documentation team add this section to the documentation.

| username: Kongdom | Original post link

:thinking: Hmm hmm

| username: Kongdom | Original post link

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