Error When Loading Upstream Data Source with DM v6.5.0 Cluster

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Original topic: 使用DM v6.5.0集群加载上游数据源时报错

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【TiDB Usage Environment】Production Environment
【TiDB Version】v6.5.0
【Reproduction Path】
【Encountered Problem: Problem Phenomenon and Impact】
“result”: false,
“msg”: “[code=40005:class=dm-worker:scope=internal:level=medium], Message: dm-worker should bind a non-empty source ID which represents a MySQL/MariaDB instance or a replica group. \n notice: if you use old version dm-ansible, please update to newest version.”,
“sources”: [

| username: terry0219 | Original post link

Solved, you need to add source-id in the configuration file.

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