Error When Performing Full Backup to S3

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Original topic: br全量备份至s3报错

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Using br 7.1.1 for full backup of tidb 7.1.1 to remote s3 object storage
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Full backup is stuck
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I didn’t see any error messages :thinking:

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This is an error.

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Timeout, network unreachable?
Is it an error that occurred after backing up for a while or did it happen right from the start?

| username: 张小凉1 | Original post link

An error occurred right from the start.

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This error looks like a network-related issue. Check for network jitter between the cluster nodes and the BR tool, and see if there are any network connectivity problems.

If everything is confirmed to be normal, try again.

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Error obtaining S3 backup path, could it be due to an unstable network?

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Is there a limit on the S3 backup path, network, and bandwidth? You can perform a fio stress test, transfer a large package, or ping a large package to check. Also, make sure the path provided in the br backup parameters is correct.

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Take a look at how the S3-related configurations are set up, such as the endpoint and so on. If the configuration is incorrect, it can also cause this issue.

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The network between the node where the BR tool is located and the object storage S3 server is accessible, with no bandwidth limitations, and there are no issues with uploading data. The BR tool can also ping the KV nodes.

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Upload files to S3 using the command line with curl or other clients. First, rule out server-to-S3 issues.

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It seems that there is an issue with network access to S3. The internal and external network endpoints are different, so please pay attention to that. Check the IAM authorization and ACL permissions.

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The permissions for S3 are not configured correctly, right?

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Is there some content on S3 or is there no backup at all?

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There is an issue with S3.

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A portion of the snapshot backup can be transferred to S3, including the checkpoints folder and backup.lock. The folder for the storage node cannot be created.

Additionally, if log backup is enabled, only backup.lock and backupdata can be transferred to S3, and the v1 folder cannot be created.

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Let me provide you with an idea.

Is it possible that there is no rate limit set when executing the BR backup?
If there is no rate limit, BR’s use of bandwidth can be quite aggressive. Distributed uploads can easily saturate the bandwidth, leading to network timeouts.

Try adding the --ratelimit 100 parameter to BR, where the number specifies the bandwidth limit. For example, 100 means 100 MiB.

--ratelimit uint The rate limit of the task, MB/s per node

Try it again after setting the rate limit.