Error When Scaling TiDB Cluster

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Original topic: TIDB扩缩容集群时报错

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] 6.0.0
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When performing scale-out or scale-in operations on the TiDB cluster, there is an error due to a conflict on the 9100 port of an existing node. After logging into the machine and terminating the process occupying the port, the scale-out or scale-in operation still reports an error.
[Resource Configuration] Go to TiDB Dashboard - Cluster Info - Hosts and take a screenshot of this page

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Is it TiKV that is being scaled down in version 9.34? Please share the scale-out.yaml file for review.

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You can use tiup cluster edit-config cluster_name to check if port 9100 is occupied by your node_exporter_port. Try changing it to a different port.

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I want to scale TiFlash, but the error shows that the TiKV port is occupied, which is very strange.

| username: cangzhiren | Original post link

Are you saying that you changed the node_exporter_port in the cluster configuration file? Will changing this configuration affect the normal use of the cluster?

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Didn’t you kill the process? What problem could there be with changing the port? Did you specify port 9100 in your scale-out.yaml?

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I killed the process on the IP, but I didn’t touch the processes on other machines. The scale-out.yaml did not specify this port. What I mean is, if we change the cluster’s 9100 port overall using edit-config, will there be any issues?

The 9100 port configuration in the cluster configuration file is as follows:
node_exporter_port: 9100
blackbox_exporter_port: 9115
deploy_dir: /data1/tidb-deploy/monitor-9100
data_dir: /data1/tidb-data/monitor-9100
log_dir: /data1/tidb-deploy/monitor-9100/log

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Do you have two clusters here?
The name of the expanded cluster is different from the cluster name mentioned below.

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Thank you very much. It was indeed the nodes in the tidb_live cluster that caused the issue. After removing the nodes from tidb_live, the original cluster can scale in and out normally. Thanks again :heart:

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It seems that this port cannot be modified with edit-config; modification is not allowed.

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